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D & D Securities is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping our clients improve their long-term financial success. Our customized programs are designed to grow, and conserve our clients’ wealth by delivering an unprecedented level of personalized service. We encourage you to explore our site and learn more about the services we provide. Should you have any questions or would like more information on our firm, please feel free to email us or call us at . We look forward to hearing from you.

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We Provide Asset Management Services


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D & D Securities Inc. all investments are executed through our Correspondent Clearing Broker, Axos Clearing, LLC, Axicorp, Degiro Asia.


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Protection of your assets is extremely important to us. D & D Securities accounts are insured by S.I.P.C. (the Securities Investor Protection Corporation).


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Our company is based on the principle that education and understanding of your current financial situation is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your future.


Business Continuity Plan

D & D Securities., Inc. is a broker – dealer and member of the FINRA and SIPC. D & D Securities Inc clears all transactions on a fully disclosed basis through Legent Clearing, LLC located at 9300 Underwood Ave., Omaha Nebraska 68114. All of your assets and your securities are maintained with Legent Clearing. FINRA Rule 3510 requires each member firm to create and maintain a business continuity plan. In accordance with this rule Kenneth Jerome has developed a plan to ensure that business continues during emergency disruptions.

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To address wider area and regional business disruptions d & D Securities has arrange with its Clearing Firm, Legent Clearing, to supply access to key technology infrastructures in alternative locations not affected by the disruptions.

D & D Securities

D & D Securities intends to update its business continuity plan as business conditions and technology change.

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