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D & D Securities, Inc. -an independent New Jersey brokerage firm, is distinct in the retail brokerage industry. Our focus is on tailor-fitting a portfolio to each client that will fulfill their individual needs. We seek to encourage optimum returns on all portfolios, regardless of the investment objective. As an independent brokerage firm, D & D Securities., Inc. is able to select a wide array of investments from the domestic and international financial community. Our controlled overhead enables us to provide a high degree of personal service at a reduced cost.

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D & D Securities’s account executives are all professionals, catering to the needs of our clients. No problem is too small and there is never a charge for our advice.


The average experience of our executives is over 25 years in the financial services community. Discretionary accounts, retirement planning, insurance, and asset allocation programs are among the many services available at D & D Securities., Inc.

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Upon your request Axos Clearing, Axicorp & Degiro Asia will provide you our quarterly routing disclosure and the name of specific order routing per execution. Email Axos Clearing client services at to request this information.

Regulations require Kenneth D & D Securities, Inc. to ask our clients to review their investment objectives. If your objectives have changed kindly contact your representative to discuss same.